Professional Healthcare Clothing

Elegance extended to medical gowns

Mercatores has made uniforms for medical and health workers for almost half a century. Our firm began producing medical and nursing gowns for private practices and clinics, and uniforms for the Italian Red Cross (jackets, trousers, waistcoats, Saharan jackets, etc.) in 1970.

All the garments we make for this market feature a combination of a choice of fine fabrics, craftsmanship, and the Italian taste for detail. Their colours, logos and trade marks may also be customized.

Italian Style

The design office at Mercatores creates each garment with extreme care so that our uniforms feature utmost wearability.

Colour Range

Mercatores garments are renowned for their wide range of colours and patterns. See them in our showroom.

Made in Italy

We have always made our garments in Italy. The beauty of our fabrics and the skill of our seamsters make our garments of impeccable quality.

Customer service

Mercatores staff are at your disposal for information, advice and special sartorial requests.